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to preview the track.

dial-a-track was inspired by my mum who told me stories about how there were secret numbers you had to call in the 90's in order to get access to secret rave locations.

For now it is used to preview mine and other artists work, but eventually want to use it as a space to collate the voicemails of electronic music lovers from around the world and display them in a future project.


I hope you enjoy the nostalgia, 


Harry xxx  

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Bring back the big love is a ongoing project, collective of ideas, record label and a movement. I came up with the idea when I was 12, when I started mixing old 90's records was when I fell in love with the ideals, message and rhythms of house music. I wanted to bring that to the 2020's as best I could and you will have to keep your eyes peeled as to how we go about that. Keep dancing !

 - Harry x